Oversights are inevitable and they cost your business money.
Your business success relies on a vast network of vendors, suppliers and distributors. Managing these complex relationships can generate thousands of transactions per year, potentially exposing your company to lost profits resulting from oversights and errors.

Speed, technology and resources make the difference.
With Recovery Partners, LLC, you get a concise, thorough audit with quick turnaround on recoveries. We utilize state of the art hardware and software, developed exclusively for accounts payable audits, to maximize our ability to accurately and efficiently recover your losses. Our auditors have over 40 years experience in loss recovery and know how to use these resources to your advantage. Our Audit Completion Report includes a summary of recoveries by category and provides observations and recommendations for control modifications to help you reduce future losses.

We get paid after you recover.
Recovery Partners works on straight commission. There is no upfront payment or retainer.  We take a percentage of total losses recovered, so you only pay if we recover your losses.